WELCOME to the 43rd year of the most unique

event in the world:

The Lakota Nation Invitational !

December 18th - 21st, 2019


This year we are pleased to share our 43rd LNI with you. From a very small start in 1976-78, we have experienced many changes and have grown immensely. The last 42 years have been filled with great memories and exciting games, including cultural and academic events with outstanding young men and women.















Each year, the Lakota Nation Invitational has grown. We have been proud of all the young people who have given their best as they compete in honor of their schools, families, and respected nations from near and far. Their efforts are exceptional and our youth are the reason we all come together in the spirit of friendship and good will. The best athletes are here in basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, and countless other competitions! We also have outstanding youth competing in the Lakota Language, Academic and Knowledge Bowls, as well as the Hand game Tournament, Art Show, Story Telling, and Business Competitions.















This year, we open our doors to all students nationally who wish to attend. In this our 43rd year.  We will also honor our Veterans who have served our country in the military. From Athletics, Academics, Fine Arts, or in promoting our indigenous cultural traditions in honoring, we carry on the LNI spirit and there is something for everyone. The countdown begins as we head into the next LNI season of fun and excitement. Who do you think will claim the titles this year? You may have already chosen your favorites but there will certainly be some surprises and upsets. And while we each have our favorite team, every student at the Lakota Nation Invitational is special to us. All our events are exciting and fun to watch - the excitement is building! Can you already hear the roar of the crowd? Will the colors of your favorite team wave victory when it’s all said and done? The time is now and the message LNI wants to send to our LNI youth is to rise to the occasion and do your very best. We are proud of you for making positive choices in representing your respected schools, communities and the LNI Organization.


In closing, we invite you to have a good time and take in as many events as you can in supporting all of our LNI student athletes and scholars. Remember to take time and shake the hand of a veteran who has served our country, or our LNI student athletes who have gone on to attend college, trade school, or the military and who have returned home for the holidays. Please show your sportsmanship and appreciation to all participants, sports, public safety officials, and all our workers who have volunteered their time to make this a memorable event for the youth. Enjoy the tournament and all the pageantry that goes with it. We hope the 43rd LNI will be the best ever.

LNI Joins Rapid City Chamber of Commerce


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