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Co- Coordinator

Knowledge Bowl


Knowledge Bowl and Quiz competition participates are encouraged to the follow the dress code as directed by LNI Directors. NO JEANS, TEE SHIRTS, GANG RELATED APPAREL, CAPS AND ETC. STUDENTS SHOULD BE IN UNIFORM OF APPROPRIATE APPAREL. RECOMMENDED DRESS: DRESS PANTS AND NICE SHIRT AND SHOES.

Entry Fee: $350

Must be paid before you school can participate.

Make Check Payable to:

Lakota Nation Invitational

PO Box 3140

Rapid City, SD 57701

2019 Lakota Nation Invitational Knowledge Bowl tentative schedule.

Location: LaCroix B


Wednesday , December 18, 2019

We will  have registration in LaCroix B at 7:00 pm.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

8:00 am to 12:00 pm - Written

8:00 am - Lakota Language & Culture, Algebra I, Grammar II, American History,

American Government and Health

9:00 am - Geometry, Grammar II, Physics, World Geography, Literature III - English Lit.

10:00 am - Algebra II, Grammar IV, Physical Science, World History

11:00 am - Advanced Math, Grammar I, Biology, Chemistry, Literature III - American Lit.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Setup for Quiz Bowl

1:00 pm - Quiz Bowl Matches Begin

7:00 pm - Last Match of the Evening

Friday, December 20, 2019

8:00 am Sharp we will continue Quiz Bowl Matches

Awards after Championship Quiz Bowl Match

Entry Fee

$350 per school.

Must be paid before school can participate.




PO BOX 3140



Knowledge Bowl Competition Rules

1. Teams will consist of 4 members currently enrolled in grades 9-12. You can have alternates; however, only your 4 main team members and one coach will receive jackets.

2. The match is played until either the time expires or all toss-up questions have been read. Each match will have two 10 minute halves with a a 2 minute break.

3. Substitutions may be made only at the halftime break.

4. Two types of questions will be used: toss-up question, worth 2 points and bonus questions, worth 1 point. A toss-up question must be answered correctly in order for a team to be offered a bonus question. No team will have more than one opportunity a toss-up question.

5. Questions are either multiple choice or short answer. The only acceptable answer to a multiple choice question will be one of those read by the moderator.

6. After reading a toss-up question, the moderator will allow 5 seconds (60 seconds for math question) for the two teams to respond before proceeding to the next toss-up question. Timing begins after the moderator has completed reading the toss-up question. Once read in its entirely, a toss-up question will not be reread. 

7. On toss-up questions, the first player on either team to activate the lock-out buzzer system wins the right to answer the question. Before answering, however, the team member must be verbally recognized by the moderator. No player may buzz in until after the moderator has identified the subject area of the question.

8. On toss-up questions, no consultation among team members may occur.

9. Should a player answer a toss-up question before being verbally recognized by the moderator or should consultation among any of the team members occur, any answer given does not count (the moderator does not say whether the answer given was correct or incorrect) and the loses the right to answer the toss-up question. The question is the offered to the opposing team.

10. A participant who has buzzed in on a toss-up question must answer the question promptly after being verbally recognized by the moderator. After recognizing a participant, the moderator will allow for a natural pause (up to 5 seconds), but if the moderator determines that stalling occurred, the team loses it's opportunity to answer the question and it is offered to the opposing team if eligible.

11. On a toss-up question, the first answer given is the only one that counts. However, is a participant gives both a "letter" and a word answer to multiple-choice question, BOTH must be correct.

12. If the answer to a toss-up question is wrong and the question was completely read, the other team is given the opportunity to answer the toss-up, unless time expires before the second team has buzzed in.

13. If a toss-up question is interrupted, the player recognized and the answer correct, the team will receive 1 point. If the answer is incorrect, 1 is added to the opposing team's score. The question is reread in it's entirely and the opposing team has an opportunity to answer the toss-up question with the chance to answer the the bonus question if correct.

14. If the moderator inadvertently gives an answer to a toss-up question without giving either team a chance to respond, no points are awarded and the moderator goes on to the net toss-up question.

15. If a toss-up question is interrupted, the player is NOT recognized and blurts out an answer, the result is a non-answer. No penalty points are awarded to the opposing team. The moderator will not indicate whether the answer was right or wrong and the question is reread in it's entirely to the opposing team.

16. If the moderator inadvertently gives the answer to a toss-up question before allowing the second team to respond (after an incorrect answer, or answer given without the team member having been recognized) the next toss-up question will be asked to the second team in place of inadvertently answered question.

17. After a team member has answered a toss-up question correctly, the team is given the opportunity to answer a bonus question. The team will have 10 seconds to begin to give its answer to the bonus question. Consultation among team members is allowed on bonus questions. However, the answer to the bonus question must come from the team's captain. No other answer will be accepted.

18. On a bonus question, the signal "FIVE SECONDS" will be given by the timekeeper after 5 seconds of the 10 seconds have expired. In addition, the timekeeper will indicate the end of the 10 seconds bonus period by saying "TIME", if the captain has not begun the response before the timekeeper calls "TIME", the answer does not count. If  the team captain has begun the response, he/she may complete the answer. No stalling may occur, the team loses the opportunity to respond to the question it the moderator determines that stalling occurred.

19. If time runs out in the contest or half after a team has correctly answered a toss-up question, that team will be given a chance to answer the bonus question.

If a toss-up question has been completely read, teams must buzz in before time has run out. If a team has not buzzed in before time runs out, it does not get a chance at the toss-up question. This means, if a question is read completely and the first team that buzzes in is recognized and answers incorrectly or answers before being recognized, the second will not get a chance at the the toss-up unless it is able to buzz in before time is called.

If time runs out as a toss-up question is being read (i.e, interrupted), the following rules apply:

A) If no one buzzes in before time is called, the contest of half is over;

B) If a team member buzzes in before time is called, is recognized, and answers the question correctly, the team receives one point and has the chance to answer the bonus question before contest or half ends;

C) If a team member buzzes in before time is called, is recognized, and answers the question incorrectly, the other team receives one point and the question is reread for the other team, which is give the chance to answer both it and the bonus question before contest or half ends;

D) If a team member buzzes in before time is called, is not recognized and gives an answer, the answer is not accepted and the question is read in its entirely for the other team which if it answers correctly, also is given a chance to answer the bonus question before the contest or half ends.

20. No one in the audience may communicate with participants during the match, communication will result in ejection from the competition room.

21. If someone in the audience shouts out answer, the question will be thrown out (as will as the person) and moderator will proceed to the next question.

22. Should a question or challenge arise during the competition, the competition and the clock will be stopped until the question is resolved. Once the question has been resolved, the match will continue from that point. Should the moderator decide that some time was lost due to the interruption the moderator has the right to put the appropriate time back on the clock.

23. Challenges must be made before the moderator begins the next question. All challenges must from the team members who are actively competing. The alternate may no object. All decisions of the moderator are final.

24. If the score is tied at the end of the regulation time period, a series of five toss-up questions will be used to break tie. This process will be repeated until tie is broken.

25. No notes may be brought to the competition table. Nothing may be written before clock starts. Scratch paper will be provided at the beginning of each match and collected at the conclusion of the match.


27. The time schedule will be followed as closely as possible. Matches will not start before the scheduled time unless both teams agree to an early start. In the event one or both teams scheduled to compete are not present when the match is scheduled to start, two minutes will be set on the clock and at the end of that time, a forfeit will be declared if the team(s) are not present. 

Individual Exam Info & Rules


1. Individual testing is a high school competition for grades 9 -12.

2. Each school may register three students per test. Students should be registered for tests that coincide with subjects they are taking during the school year. Alternates can be listed; however a school can only have three students per test.

3. All test are purchased from an independent quiz bowl firm the Academic Hallmarks, Knowledge Master Library.

4. Students may enter as many test as rule and schedule allows

5. Calculators will be allowed in the following tests: Advanced Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Chemistry, Geometry, and Physics. Students are responsible for providing their own calculator.

6. Plates will be awarded to the first place winners.

7. Only students taking test will be allowed in testing room.

8. All testing must be completed during the scheduled time. "Late" tests will not be allowed.

9. Individual test will be given ONLY DURING THE SCHEDULED TIME. Tests cannot be taken early or late to accommodate students with scheduling conflicts.

10. There will be a Highest Average Percentage Team Plaque.


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