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Rules for Conduct & Sportsmanship

The Lakota Nation Tournament is looked at and held in the highest esteem.

The tournament is highly regarded in the Midwest and the Lakota Nation Tournament sets high Standards.

Let everyone be accountable.

1. One unsportsmanlike technical foul during the Lakota Nation Invitational from either a player or a coach results in no tournament awards for that individual.


2. Two unsportsmanlike technical fouls from the same individual during Lakota Nation Invitational will result in his or her team being exempt from receiving any awards except for the place awards.


3. If a player or coach is ejected for two unsportsmanlike technicals, he or she will not play or coach the rest of the tournament. If said coach or player is ejected or receives his or her second unsportsmanlike technical on the last day of Lakota Nation Invitational, the next year he or she will sit out the first game of match of Lakota Nation Invitational.


4. In Volleyball, a red card to a player or coach translates to no post tournament awards for that individual.

5. Two red cards or ejection of a volleyball player or coach carries a penalty of no awards to that team. The team will only accept their place trophy from Lakota Nation Invitational. If two cards occur in two different games, but it still carries the same penalty as if it were one contest.

6. If a coach receives two unsportsmanlike technical fouls or is given two red cards, his or her team is exempt from any post tourney awards other than the place trophy. They will not participate in the rest of the Lakota Nation Invitational.

7. Any wrestling coaches or wrestlers who are disqualified for any unsportsmanlike act will not be eligible for any awards.

8. Spectators should always uphold the highest values in sportsmanship. Lakota Nation Invitational fans should encourage other spectators no to boo or jeer at what the perceive to be a bad calls or bad plays.

9. Officials need to show continued respect of players, coaches and fans. Any coach who wishes to appeal any of the above violations will have one hour after the game of match has ended to do so. The appeal must be written and should include statement from coaches, witnesses, and players along with a video tape. The appeal will be heard by the Board of Directors or their designated representatives.

Participant Ethics and Dress Policy

The Lakota Nation Invitational Participant Ethics and Dress Policy has been established to support as outlined in the Lakota Nation Invitational Articles of Incorporation By Laws. All Lakota Nation Invitational participants will be required to adhere to this policy. (Updated 9//29/07)

The Lakota Nation Invitational Dress Policy supports the following principles:

*Respect for the rights and dignity of others


*Safety of persons and property

*Promotion of a safe drug/alcohol/gang free environment

Participants will:

*Respect the rights and beliefs of others and treat others with courtesy and consideration

*Be fully responsible for one's actions and the consequences of such actions

*Respect the property of others

*Respect and obey the rules of the school and laws of the Lakota Nation Invitational

*Show respect to those responsible for enforcing the rules of the school and the laws of the Lakota Nation Invitational

*Not display any markings and/or decorations

*Conduct oneself as a proper role model for younger athletes

*Dress in a respectable manner

On Court Attire:

*Regulated according to the SDHSAA rules

Off Court Attire:

*Sweats are allowed when the entire team is dressed in like uniform

*Dress slacks - no jeans of sweats

*Dress Shirts - Button up with tie, sweater, long or short sleeve polo, No Jerseys or t-shirts

*Caps or hats - With exception of religious head-wear, they must be removed and not worn indoors

*All clothing must fit properly - no sagging

*Sexually explicit or revealing attire will not me allowed

*Attire with wording or graphics that promote, advocate or display violence, gang related activity and/or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be allowed

*Attire that is recognized as a association with drug membership (i.e pocket chains, necklaces, bandannas and etc.) will not be allowed.




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