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Student Council Conference

Best Western/Ramkota

Rapid City, SD

April 4 & 5, 2024


Registration for LNI Student Council Conference (Due Mar. 28)

Registration Fees & Meals

1.School Registration Fee (paid by all schools)                                             $400.00

2.Total number of students (grades 6-12) attending _____@ $70.00           $________

3. Total advisor/adult attending ________@ $65.00                                $_______ 

4.Total Amount Due                                                                                       $________

Payment: Make check out to: 

Lakota Nation Invitational

3213 West Main St #425

  Rapid City SD 57702

To pay by credit card contact:

Janel Wright,  605-391-3149

Student Council Picture:

Email me a picture of your Student Council include names. A LNI Student Council conference booklet including agenda will be produced for all conference attendees.


Registration Forms: Email completed registration form to:

Silas Blaine at  605-845-3040



LNI will be selling Student Council t-shirts, more info will be sent.

DJ Dance:

Free to all students



Banquet, Breakfast Buffet, & Luncheon all included in registration fee.


Motel Rooms:

For motel reservations contact Bestwestern/Ramkota 605-343-8550

Mention LNI Student Council Conference for rate $72 per room per night.

Conference Agenda:

Will be sent out later, for more information contact:

Marlin King, 605-340-5735


Contact Information:

Silas Blaine, LNI Vice President/Wakpala School Superintendent, 605-845-3040


Marlin King, Lakota Tech Teacher& Student Council Advisor, 605-340-5725

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