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Roger White Eyes

Hand Game Coordinator

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2023 Elementary K-5

1st place- Wakiyan Chetan #2 - Tiospaye Topa

2nd place- Haganmnapi - Enemy Swim

3rd Place- Mahpiya Luta Ska - Red Cloud

2023 Middle School 6-8

1st Place - Wazi Ite - St. Francis

2nd Place - Ateyapi - North Middle School

3rd Place - Kul Wicas - Lower Brule


2023 High School

1st Place -

2nd Place - 

3rd Place - 

December 14, 2023: K-5

December 14, 2023: 6-8

December 15, 2023: High School

9:00 am - Sponsors and Registration meeting Rushmore 1 & 2.

10:00 am - Tournament begins in Rushmore 1 & 2

**Entry Fee $300 per Team




3213 W Main St #425



Contact Roger White Eyes email: Fax or email roster to 605.867.2528 or mail:

100 mission drive
Pine Ridge SD 57770

Phone 605 867-1289 ext-2531

Official Rules
LNI Hand-game Tournament 

  1. All teams must show respect and sportsmanship. Team sponsors will promote good sportsmanship.

  2. No arguing with judges or the committee. They will settle all disputes.

  3. Teams must be ready to play within ten (10) minutes of the conclusion of the previous game.

  4. Otherwise the game will be forfeited. No Exceptions.

  5. All team members must be listed on the team roster, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10.

  6. Each team must have a captain or a head guesser.

  7. Guessers and hiders must identify themselves to opposing teams.

  8. Trick guessing will be allowed with closed fist only, Once a legal signal is made that is a


  9. No thumbs, hooks or forks.

  10. Only the team captain or the judges can call a time out to settle a dispute.

  11. The judges have the option to shorten a game that continues on too long. Sticks will be

    removed only during a stop and a tie.

12. The judges will take an active role in controlling the game.
13. Teams must have a singer listed on the Roster.

If a team does not have a registered singer they will lose one stick, each time they have the bones.

14. Judges decisions are FINAL


Lakota Style Hand Game Rules Marked Bones
Eight Sticks Per Team and No Kick Stick

  1. If both sets of marked bones are guessed correctly, they must be forfeited to the guessing team.

  2. If both sets of marked bones are missed or guessed incorrectly, the guessing team must forfeit two sticks to the hiders team

  3. If one set of marked bones is guessed and the other set is missed: *the one who is missed hides the bones again
    *the guesser forfeits one stick to the opposing team
    *the one who is guessed will hold and be in a stay

    * if the 2nd guess is missed then both bones come back into play
    *the guesser forfeits one stick to the opposing team
    * if the 2nd guess is correctly guessed then the hiders forfeit the bones to the guessers.

  4. There are no live and dead sticks in Lakota Style

  5. A team must win all sixteen sticks to be declared the Winner

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