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Photo's by Double M Studio (Jerry Mathews)

28TH Annual Lakota Nation Invitational

21-Team Pool Play

Volleyball Tournament



TO:  Athletic Directors, Volleyball Coaches, and Officials


FROM: Dani Walking Eagle,  LNI Volleyball Tourney Director

RE:  Tournament Information


            Hello,  the following information is in regards to the 28th Annual LNI Volleyball Tournament in Rapid City, SD, at the Monument in the Summit Arena.  The dates for this years’ tournament are  Friday, September 29th and Saturday, September 30th, 2023.  Pool Play will begin on Friday, September 29, 2023 and September 30, 2023  at 9:00 am.  If you have any other questions please contact me, Dani Walking Eagle at 605-747-2299 x 2100 or 605-319-8034 or e-mail   leave a message on voice mail and I will get back to you ASAP.  Following are all the particulars concerning the tournament:


Dates:  Friday, September 29, 2023 and Saturday, September 30, 2023


Time:  9:00am (mst) will be the start time on the first day.  9:00am every day after.


Location:  The Monument in the Summit Arena, Rapid City, SD.


Entry Fee:  Amount:  $750.00, please make checks out to

Lakota Nation Invitational,  

C/O Sandra Weaver, 

 3213 W. Main- St #425

Rapid City, SD 57702

*Note:  Entry Fees are due asap


Officials:  Joe Drabb is head referee.


Locker Rooms:  We have the locker room facilities in the arena.


Teams:  The teams are as follows:


                                           Pool A                                                                            Pool B               

                          1. Lakota Tech High School                                                 1. Takini High School       

                          2. Wakpala High School                                                       2. White River High School

                          3. C. Eagle Butte High School                                              3. Santee High School

                          4. Crazy Horse High School                                                 4. Pine Ridge High School

                          5. Lower Brule                                                                       5. St. Francis High School

                          6. Tiospaye Topa High School

                                         Pool C                                                                                 Pool D       

                          1. Wyoming Indian School                                                     1.  Little Wound High School

                          2. Mahpiya Luta High School                                                 2.  Tiospa Zina High School

                          3. Oelrichs High School                                                          3.  Todd County High School

                          4. Crow Creek High School                                                     4.  McLaughlin High School

                          5. Marty Indian School                                                            5.  Custer High School



Play:  Our format for the tournament is a Round Robin style of play with two pools. We will be

           playing best of 3 and rally scoring to 25 for the first 2 games and if it goes into the 3rd game we

           will play to 25.  The tournament will be a single-elimination tournament, at the end of pool

           play we will be cross-bracketing the top team in each pool. We will be using 3 courts

           throughout the tournament so please keep your team in the arena as the first game is the only  

           set game time. Games from that point on will be on the first available court.


Warm-up time:  During the first round only, each team will have a warm-up of 4-8-8 after the first

                        round we will start as soon as the books are ready to go, no serving.  Please keep

                             your team in the area so that we may keep to the schedule.  This is the current

                             warmups used in South Dakota


Grand Entry:  We will be having grand entry this year and the line up will be in the packet.


Awards:   We will be giving out Etched Glass team places for 1st to 4th. There will be championship

                  jackets for a 15 team roster and 2 coaches and 1 manager.  There will be an individual

                 etched glass plates for Most Valuable Player, Outstanding Setter, Best Defensive Player

                 and team sportsmanship and pullovers for a 21 member all tournament team ( 1 from

                 team). Each coach will pick one (1) player for the all  tournament team from their own

   team this year.            


Program:  We will need a 15 player roster and photo sent to Katie at Clark Printing by September

                   9, 2022  no exceptions!!!!  e-mail an attachment to , roster and picture for the program.  If you do not have your picture or roster by this date you will

                   not be included in the program as it will go to print the very next day. 


Coaches Mtg.:  Coaches, Director, and Referees only!!  Friday, September 30, 2022 at 8:00am

                        (mst).  This meeting is mandatory.  The meeting will be in the Rushmore Plaza Civic

                        Center hospitality room.


Workers:  Each school must bring 1 line judge.  Please submit your workers name to Dani Walking

                 Eagle in advance.  The LNI Volleyball workers will be taking care of the books and

                   scorekeeping. You may also e-mail me at


Announcer:  Merle Anderson is with us for the 3rd year as our announcer!!! Please get a roster to

                      Merle as soon as you start play.


Practice:  There will be no practice times this year as we will begin on Friday.



I am looking forward to seeing all of you and welcoming you back to the Lakota Nation Invitational Tournament.  It is your continuing participation with us that keeps the sport of volleyball highlighted for our female athletes.  If you have any questions please give me a call at 605-747-2299 x 2100/ 605-319-8034 cell # or e-mail me.  Thank you.  We’re looking forward to a great tournament with great action.  

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