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Leonard "Yamni" Jack


December 15th thru December 17th, 2021
In the Spruce Room


8:00 am - 8:00 pm Wednesday - Individual Tournament
8:00 am - 8:00 Pm Thursday - Team Tournament
8:00 am - 4:00 pm Friday - Final(s) Team Tournament
4:15 Friday - Individual & Team Awards

Tournament will be run through (recommended for the schools to utilize before the event to be familiar with the tournament format). This is FREE!

Awards for Top 3 Places in Individual  (Title) Tournaments & Team Game (Title) Tournaments

Entry Fee: $300 per School Team
(LNI Participating Schools will consisted of a 7 man Roster which includes a Starting 5 and 2 Alternates for Teams)
(Individual Tournaments all 7 Team Members can compete)

E-Sports Tournament Rules

1. All games on Wednesday are played 1 vs. 1 (no teams)
2. All Games Thursday & Friday will be played in teams
3. Max 10 Entries for each tournament
4. All match ups consist of best of 3 games format (Scores will be reported as 2-0 or 2-1)


League of Legends (Multiplayer)
Fortnite (Multiplayer)
NBA2K21 (Single, Choose a Team)
Rocket League (Single, Multiplayer)
Super Smash Bros (Single)


School Team Players

Students currently enrolled in their school's team and on the roster to participate in a current High School E-Sports League. Players can participate in both Major and Open Tournaments with their respective schools.

Team Administrator

Team Administrator are teachers or other faculty members who oversee the operations of the school's team and act as a point of contact between the school an LNI Organizers

Teams & Rosters

School registered with LNI must form an E-Sports Team, which is composed of 5-7 students for the same High School. In order for a team members to participate in the events, the Team Administrator will create rosters from team members for the respective games and enter them into Tournaments:

A group of students for the same High School Team, participating in a specific game during the LNI Tourament